Join us in welcoming the first wave of sustainable aircraft and supporting technologies. Local airports and their communities will soon enjoy quiet, zero-emissions and lower cost air transportation. A green renaissance in aviation is coming now!


●  To promote awareness and early-adoption of the new zero-emissions, electric aircraft technologies. 

●  To facilitate worldwide input from Eco-Aviation stakeholders in building a sustainable and community-friendly model for urban airports.

●  To promote and provide education of the new “eco” aircraft technologies

●  To promote and provide scholarships and other educational opportunities to underprivileged teens and young adults, enabling them to pursue careers in new “green” aviation and aerospace engineering

●  The Foundation’s outreach will be worldwide in scope, but will also offer local support for airport communities to “GO GREEN!

The first wave of electric aircraft will be getting FAA and EASA certification in 2019-2020. So airplanes and helicopters will begin to be going toward zero-emissions and almost zero-noise – coming in the new few years.

●  Eco-Aviation Financing
●  Eco-Airport Design, Architecture and Infrastructure
●  Eco-Aviation Technology Incubator
●  Air Stops™ – Integrating with Public Transportation
●  Eco-Aviation Training Programs
●  Eco-Aviation Flying Clubs (Eco and Affordable)